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Connecting People Through Difficult Times

The Kindness Postbox is a community focused project based on the idea of bringing little bursts of happiness to those most isolated and affected by difficult times in our society today.

A gift for those less fortunate

 The Kindness Postbox started in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland as a project to give residents of local care homes in lockdown something to smile about. 

Encouraging children, families – and anyone else who wanted to be involved – to write a cheerful letter, draw a picture or find an uplifting card or postcard – and post it into our Kindness Postbox!

The letters would then be collected and distributed to residents of our local care homes, who are currently separated from their families and friends.

Every card, letter, poem, picture, drawing will go a long way to brighten someone’s day. 


Supporting the Community

Above all else, The Kindness Postbox exists to support local communities and bring a smile to people’s days.

Reaching Out To Schools

At The Kindness Postbox we have reached out to a number of schools in our local area to bring letters from local children to care homes.

You Can Get Involved

Anyone can build a Kindness Postbox for their local area. You can start your local Postbox with a call to a care home and some basic craft supplies.